Words of Wisdom from watching CW’s Arrow? Apparently so.

The shark that does not swim, drowns.

Who would’ve thought I’d gain some realization from watching Arrow (… and yes, for any of you that do watch Arrow, I know that I’m 2-3 seasons behind).

So I think I’ve realized that my issue is that I keep fighting this move, even though I’ve already moved. There’s a large part of me that thinks, for some reason, I’m going to be back home in sunny southern California again shortly. Not sure if its this temporary apartment living situation that’s getting to me, or if it is what I’m feeling deep down. Maybe I’ll have to wait to see what life is like in the new house once we get it and we move in? (BTW, I’m super excited to blog about decorating and painting it once we do move in .. or rather, attempting to. I’m fairly constantly conflicted with things so it’ll be a trip, I’m sure — so stay tuned for that as well.)



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