So long, temporary housing!


We are moving out at the end of this week! Woohoo!

Dear temp housing, thank you for providing us a place to stay while we wait on selling our California home and purchase a Illinois one… but hot dang am I more than excited to move out and into our new home!

I’m itch’n for some more natural light to take photos of the food I’m going to cook in the kitchen that has more space than the smallest little corner counter in this apartment. I’ve been rotating several meals that are easy to cook, don’t take up much equipment or tools, and don’t require searing or the like, since I’ve already set off the fire alarm on a couple occasions. A part of me is secretly afraid I’ve forgotten how to cook since I haven’t made anything fake fancy since Thanksgiving! You see, when Parish moved out here earlier than we did, I resorted to just easy chicken and rice dinners, or sandwich meals, or just cereal and milk for dinners for my girl and I.  With everything that was happening, I had really lost cooking motivation and frankly, didn’t have the time or energy to do it. Anyway, I’ve got a list of things I’m ready to cook/bake and a bunch of new things I’m going to try! Hip hip hooray!

… Okay, this post is going to end up all about cooking and food if I don’t try to switch gears ASAP.

Trying.. to.. switch… NOPE. Can’t do it. Currently just excited about more kitchen space .. and decorating!

There you go.

Oof to all the paint colors and decorating options and now I’m all of a sudden feeling overwhelmed… but in a good way? Is that possible? Rambling again. Will try this again another day! 🙂


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